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Basket Weave Baby Bib

Nella Pima basket weave baby bib made from 100% Peruvian pima cotton with white picot trim, terrycloth backing and snap closure. The properties of this special cotton fiber create a more durable fabric that gives it an unparalleled luxurious touch that is most desired. 

Machine washable. Made in Peru.

Gift wrapping available
  • Pehr Bib Set
    Pehr Bib Set
  • Elephant Basket
    Elephant Basket
    $60.00 - $110.00
  • Orange and Lemon Bib
    Orange and Lemon Bib
  • Nella Pima Basket Weave Baby Footie
    Nella Pima Basket Weave Baby Footie
  • Basket Weave Baby Hat
    Basket Weave Baby Hat