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Bertarello Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bertarello Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the highest quality, imported directly from the Bertarello organic farm and estate. The organoleptic characteristics of this oil make it a product of great value, suitable for accompanying the most sought-after dishes on the tables of haute cuisine. Bertarello has an intense "herbaceous" fruity aroma and an unmistakable spicy bitter note, due to a high concentration of polyphenols which, in addition to enriching the taste, have important dietary qualities due to their antioxidant power. 

The harvest of these olives generally takes place during the first ten days of October, several days in advance of the traditional harvest. They are picked just before ripening and changing colour - which increases their antioxidant properties - and are pressed within just 6 hours of harvesting. 

This olive oil is an amazing addition to any dish or drizzled on salad or bread, and is recommended as more of a tasting oil than a cooking oil. .5 Litre (16oz) bottle.

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