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Floral Corset Embroidered with Art Nouveau Winged Breast

We collaborated with artist Jaide Lennox to create original hand-embroidered embellishments on some of our first run of corsets designed by Sandeep Salter.

A self-described "image hoarder", Lennox likes to place emphasis on how much research goes into her practice. A hyper-detailed collection of bizarre imagery - from subconsciously sketched drawings to cute illustrations that spark childhood joy - evoke feelings of excitement and confusion with their silhouettes and line work. Embroidery, collage, archiving, and fashion design all make up Jaide's artistic identity. The connections to both life and art are at the core of her work, with constant remixing of old and new ideas inspired by everyday objects. 

These corsets are a personal take on the beloved historical garment and have flexible boning, light and breezy cotton lining, a low cut decoletage, and fabric covered hooks with velvet ribbon for cinching or binding the waist and torso. 

One of a kind item. Size XS/S.

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  • Floral Corset
    Floral Corset
  • Marquis Corset
    Marquis Corset
  • Marquis Corset Embroidered with Lambs & Mushrooms
    Marquis Corset Embroidered with Lambs & Mushrooms