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Mihoko Seki Pile Gauze Cloths

Small square cloths with stitched or eyelet trim for various purposes from washcloth to handkerchief. Cotton decorated topside and pile gauze underside, making it absorbent, soft, and easy to clean. Mihoko Seki x Classiky, made in Japan.

10" x 10"

Gift wrapping available
  • Heather Taylor Home Tablecloth
    Heather Taylor Home Tablecloth
  • Aidan Koch Tablecloth
    Aidan Koch Tablecloth
  • Mitsou Pile Gauze Washcloth
    Mitsou Pile Gauze Washcloth
  • Cleaning Cloth
    Cleaning Cloth
  • Iris Hantverk Washcloth
    Iris Hantverk Washcloth