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Heilbron Herbs Herbal Extract

Heilbron Herbs Herbal Extracts are nutritional supplements for the body and mind. Based in Asheville, NC, Heilbron Herbs products are made of carefully tended, responsibly farmed and wild harvested medicinal herbs, grown and collected by their own farm and a small group of growers in the area. Heilbron Herbs farms are committed to sustainable and regenerative practices, without the use of any chemical inputs. 

Turmeric extract is for golden health and has many benefits including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and immune system support. Contains yellow turmeric root extracted in organic cane alcohol.

Soothe Yourself is calming, relaxing, and nourishing for an anxious, overworked, or stressed mind and body. Contains skullcap, lemonbalm, kapoor tulsi, anise hyssop, and pedicularis extracted in organic cane alcohol. 

Digestive Bitters supports digestion, appetite regulation, skin health, and liver function. Bitters have been foundational in traditional diets all over the world, helping the nutrients in our food to be more assimilable and aiding in daily detoxification. Contains dandelion root, burdock root, turmeric root, artichoke leaf, and Angelica root extracted in organic cane alcohol.

Brain Wave is formulated to enhance focus, increase alertness and clarity, and support healthy memory function while promoting a sense of calm. Drawing upon a tradition of formulas known as longevity tonics, this combination of herbs support mental performance and help nourish and balance the nervous system. Contains ginkgo leaf, gotu kola, kapoor tulsi, lemon balm, jiaogulan, rosemary, and green tea leaves extracted in organic cane alcohol.

Sleep Tincture is formulated to calm the mind, settle the nervous system, and promote restful sleep. With a combination of calming and gently sedative herbs, this tincture can help with short- and long-term sleep-related restlessness. Contains California poppy, skullcap, maypop, milky oats, and chamomile. 

2oz / 60mL
Take 2 droppersfull in a glass of water 1-2 times per day. 

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